Creigh Deeds: A Proven Champion for the Real Estate Industry

The 2023 Primary Elections found REALTORS® doing what they do best—voting, acting, and investing in REALTOR® Champion candidates throughout the commonwealth. One big REALTOR® win on election night was Creigh Deeds from Virginia’s 11th Senate District.

Throughout his career, Senator Deeds has been a strong advocate for affordable housing initiatives, property rights, and measures that foster responsible property development. His bipartisan approach has allowed him to effectively collaborate with stakeholders across the political spectrum, including the Virginia REALTORS®, to find practical solutions to complex housing and real estate challenges. His legislative track record reveals a consistent commitment to advancing the interests of REALTORS® and their clients, which he understands is a key driver of Virginia’s economy.


Virginia REALTORS® demonstrated their confidence in Senator Creigh Deeds and included him in the campaign services program. With REALTOR® support, over 24,000 mail pieces containing the REALTOR® name were sent to voters in the district and thousands of doors were knocked on. Senator Deeds’ victory was by a tight margin of just 458 votes. There is no doubt that REALTORS® had a huge impact on his success.

This just goes to show, when REALTORS® identify REALTOR® Champions and put their full support into their campaigns, REALTORS® win!