You’ve seen the phrase “REALTOR® Champion” whenever the time comes for elections, but what exactly is a REALTOR® Champion®?

REALTOR® Champions are candidates for office who are identified by REALTOR® members as individuals who understand and support our standing positions. They are individuals who are aware of the magnitude of REALTOR® impact on Virginia’s economy and every one of our communities. Much more than that though, REALTOR® Champions are people who are willing to have the tough conversations, take the tough votes, and are mindful of your industry’s concerns and opportunities for growth. Quite simply, they “get it” when it comes to your industry!

You are encouraged to vote for candidates that understand the issues that affect your industry and your clients the most. During a year of 140 state government elections, it is more important now than ever that you make your REALTOR® voice heard. REALTOR® member Jeremy Johnson says it himself, “I view a REALTOR® Champion candidate as one who looks beyond the dogma of the day to support housing accessibility, smart growth and development, and private property rights.”

“When I think of REALTOR® Champions, I think of the word vision, a Champion has vision for the future. They see what could be, not necessarily what is. They look at issues creatively, thinking outside the box for solutions and answers. REALTOR® Champions lead by example, serving and motivating others to envision success for all,” REALTOR® Cindy Hornsby, Chair of the 2023 RPAC Disbursement Committee.

Stay tuned as your Virginia REALTORS® work to identify and announce REALTOR® Champions in your district.