You have heard about the new laws going into effect on July 1st, but just how are the laws (that affect you and your business) created? Your Government Relations Team plays a crucial role in shaping the laws that govern the way you do business, and in this article, we delve into the world of lawmaking and explain what it takes for REALTORS® to come out on top.

First, your Government Relations Team works diligently to identify, elect, and re-elect REALTOR® champions. Once elected, one of the key roles of this team is to build relationships with legislators, their staff, and other influential figures involved in the lawmaking process.

Your Virginia REALTORS® Government Relations Team serves as a valuable source of information and expertise for lawmakers. They provide comprehensive research, data, and analysis related to the issues at hand, helping legislators make informed decisions. They are also extremely involved in the development, drafting, and editing of bills that benefit your industry.

Beyond actively advocating for and writing specific bills, the team continuously monitors the laws proposed by every elected official to ensure that they align with our standing positions. They work tirelessly on behalf of you and your clients to see bills through the process of moving through the House, the Senate, and then to the Governor’s desk.

No matter the law, YOUR Government Relations Team is making sure YOU and your clients are protected!

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