The 2023 Primary Election is just days away and it is more important than ever that REALTORS® across Virginia head to the polls to cast their votes.

Below you can learn more about where, when, and how to cast your ballot for the June 20th Primary Election. You will also find out why Virginia REALTORS® board member Kaéra Mims believes it is so important for REALTORS® to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

My fellow REALTOR® members,
What if I told you, we hold the power? As REALTORS®, we are community leaders who vote, act, and invest. Each year, the REALTOR® Party provides bi-partisan support to those legislators who understand what is most important—our communities. Yet, all that work loses its impact if the ballots are never cast.
I vote because there was a time when many people couldn’t vote, and voices were not represented. Now that I have the opportunity, I also understand the powerful connection between our voice and our vote in our communities. Many of us think that the real power in lawmaking comes from “people of power”—those who are rich, famous, or political “bigwigs.” But we, the everyday REALTORS®, are included among those “people of power.”
In fact, 91% of our members in Virginia are registered to vote. That means approximately 35,000 REALTORS® throughout the commonwealth can show up and cast their ballots each election. With that many voting REALTORS®, we hold enough voting power to sway a Gubernatorial race in Virginia. Talk about influence!
I encourage all REALTORS® to show up and to vote for REALTOR® champions. On June 20th, let your voice be heard. Your vote IS powerful. A few long lines, and a few too many political ads won’t impede our progress, our power, our vote.
Vote. Act. Invest.
Kaéra Mims, 2023 Virginia REALTORS® Board Member


On June 20th, normal polling locations are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Check out more voting related information here.