Imagining a world without advocacy can seem a bit challenging to REALTORS® because of how well we work to advocate on behalf of our industry, our clients, and ourselves. The truth is, though, that without extremely skillful efforts to ensure that decision makers, and those shaping policy, understand our priorities and positions and are willing to consider REALTORS® the subject matter experts when it comes to property rights and real estate law, we would be in for a world of trouble.

Behind it all, we have an incredibly talented and dedicated Government Relations Team working to ensure REALTORS® never have to know a world without advocacy!

Some of you may know all or most of this team from a Day on the Hill visit, a legislative reception, or even from a social media clip! Meet the team who’s fighting for YOUR business…

Introducing our Associate Vice President of RPAC Development & Local Association Advocacy Liaison, Maura Pratt:

With a substantial background in both politics and customer service, Maura is well equipped to lead our fundraising efforts by supporting local associations with their initiatives and developing fundraising plans. She also serves as liaison for local associations’ advocacy efforts, connecting them with our state-level Government Relations Team to helping to create one unified REALTOR® voice.

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Chief Lobbyist, Mary Lawson:

The only thing Mary loves more than the Virginia Tech Hokies is advocating for property rights and REALTOR® priorities. Mary has an impressive background in campaigns across the country and brings both the experience and the excellent personal relationships that it takes to get the job done and ensure REALTOR® initiatives are top-of-mind among lawmakers in the commonwealth!

Next up is our Legislative General Counsel, Erin Kormann:

When she isn’t camping or attending concerts, Erin is extremely busy working on behalf of REALTORS® by reviewing, writing, and revising legislation that will shape the real estate laws in Virginia for decades to come. A skilled attorney with a background as a real estate agent and REALTOR® member herself, Erin provides the complete package that lays the groundwork for a keen understanding of both the real estate industry and the legislative process needed to get our priorities over the finish line!

Last, but certainly not least, is our Chief External Affairs Officer, Martin Johnson:

A husband, dad, coach, and mentor–Martin does it all! When it comes to Government Relations, Martin has decades of hard work and network-building that have labeled him one of the best in the business when it comes to lobbying efforts in the commonwealth. In his new role, he oversees Research and Economic Advocacy; Community and Industry Relations; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Government Affairs/Lobbying; Regulatory Affairs; Political Operations; and RPAC. Martin is dedicated to REALTOR® initiatives and fights tirelessly to ensure that REALTORS® have a seat at the table where decisions are being made!