Marketing your rental property to potential new tenants is one part of your job, but what about resident retention? Establishing an open line of communication with those that live at your rental property could have tremendous effects on how long they plan to rent from you.

Maintenance and Remote Workers
Many people are now working from home, resulting in more time spent in their rental. Regular maintenance hasn’t changed, and work still needs to be done to keep your rental property in top shape. Your residents may have a plan for their day, including home chores, meetings, workouts, and relaxation or mealtime. Most likely, they appreciate a heads up before someone plans to enter their home for maintenance, even if they requested it. We know giving notice about maintenance work is likely already part of your daily routine, but ensuring you always give enough time so your tenants can plan this into their day can make a world of difference in their relationship with you.

Deals and Events
People love a good deal or offer. Are you running a referral special or discounted month of rent? If so, get the information out to your residents ASAP! You never know how much one of your renters may appreciate it. Also be sure to keep your tenants in the loop and contact them often about events you may host at your rental office or community center. This can be a great way to not only build relationships with your renters but create relationships among neighbors, too.

Technology… Love It or Hate It
These days, there is much less face-to-face interaction, and relationships are formed differently. We have to adjust to how the world is changing and be able to connect with people through emails, texts, and apps. Technology can be useful for communication when quickly getting notices out to renters, checking in to make sure the rental property is to their liking, keeping track of how often you’re in contact with all of your tenants, and sending any community or property updates. Take time to implement technology into your communications plan.

Build relationships and keep open communication with the people that rent your properties. A couple changes in the way you communicate with your renters can be key in their decision to stay long term.