Are your rental properties ready for potential winter weather and temperatures? We have some tips to get you started.

HVAC System
Make sure your heating and ventilation system is ready for a drop in temperature. Though most of these are likely part of your routine maintenance, be sure to change filters, test thermostats and emergency detectors, and service any parts that may be in need of updates.

Walkways and Parking Lots
Holes and cracks in the areas your residents frequent may go unnoticed during the more seasonable months, but as soon as some winter weather covers these hazards, it can become even more dangerous. Be sure to fix or replace any areas in need of repair so you can avoid causing further damage.

Check Your Supply Room
Wherever you live, there will likely be some form of winter weather this season at your property. Make sure you are prepared for snow or ice removal and power outages by stocking up on supplies and servicing any generators your property may have. Double check your storage to ensure you have everything you might need to clear walkways and driveways so your residents and staff can travel safely.

In order to protect the roof, gutters, parking lot, and surrounding areas of your property, make sure to take care of any landscaping needs ahead of time. Consider trimming trees one last time or clearing debris from areas it may have fallen during the last few months. If debris piles up, especially if covered in snow or ice, it can cause even more damage.

Check for Drafts
Complete an inspection of the interior and exterior of the property to check for cracks or breaks in windows and doors that may let in cold air. Take some time to seal these areas with caulk or weather stripping to keep your property well maintained and keep your residents and staff warm. Also be sure to check on any insulation for damage and consider adding pipe insulation where you suspect they may freeze.

Winter is officially here, so take time to protect your property.