November is a time that allows us to reflect on all the things we are thankful for, big and small. One thing that REALTORS® can be thankful for is the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) and the impact it has on our industry!

RPAC dollars have been vital in efforts to keep REALTORS® considered a critical business role throughout the pandemic. In addition, work is being done every day to protect property rights, and most recently, the hard work was done with state legislators to pass historic legislation that allows us to work with insurance providers to establish health insurance plans to offer REALTOR® members. RPAC is key to making sure REALTOR® champions get elected and stay elected. In the ever-changing political landscape, our collective support of RPAC helps ensure that REALTOR® issues are recognized and supported by lawmakers from Washington, Richmond, and even right in your hometown. Remember, RPAC isn’t partisan—it’s a position in support of REALTORS® and the industry!

But don’t just take it from us, read some real testimonies below from Virginia REALTORS® who are thankful for RPAC today and always!

“I’m thankful to RPAC for helping protect our way of business in our fight with those who don’t understand or believe buyer representation is important for our clients.”

-Denise Ramey, Virginia REALTORS® 2022 President

“I’m thankful for RPAC because it kept our business going during the pandemic.” 

-Jonathan D. Coles, Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®

“RPAC is our business insurance in the pursuit of protecting our industry and private property rights. I am proud to be an RPAC Hall of Fame investor.”

-Deborah A. Baisden, 2015 Virginia REALTORS® Past President

“I am thankful that RPAC has afforded the opportunity to help build bridges in our communities so that REALTORS® are invited to have a seat at the table in the decision-making process to better our communities.”

-Shanna Story, Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS®

“RPAC opens doors that impact my livelihood, family, friends and community daily, which warms my heart and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do my part. “

-Kaéra Mims, Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®

Visit our RPAC page to learn more about the ways RPAC works on behalf of YOUR business.