You are working all year long to beautify your property and keep it top-notch for everyone touring or living there. What are some ways you can do a quick touch-up this fall that can make your property shine?

Clear the Webs

The nights are getting longer, and the season of creepy-crawlies is right around the corner. Make sure you are consistently taking care of cobwebs that may be adding up in corners or even in areas people frequently travel. This can keep residents happy and keep your property looking clean.

Inexpensive Solar Lighting

We have been lucky all summer to have sunlight guiding our path late in the evening. As the sun starts to fade earlier each day, invest in some small solar lighting to line walkways or areas around resident entrances to help everyone see later into the night. Solar lighting is typically inexpensive, comes in sets and won’t require any plugs or electricity. This can also give your property a nice touch for those tours that happen later in the evening. Curb appeal and added safety: a winning combination!

Landscape Update

There are still a few months before potential snow or other winter weather, so why not do an end-of-summer update on your landscaping? Maybe the mulch needs a fresh coat or some seasonal flowers can use replanting. You may even consider adding a small garden bed to your community with some plants that grow well at this time of year. These quick updates can make your property look fresh for a new visitor and can also make residents feel more at home.

Take a look around your property to see if there are any small tasks that could add quick but tremendous value to your community. As summer move-ins wind down, it’s a great time to give your property a little refresh.