Summer is here and we’ve got one word for it: HOT. Make sure your clients and their homes are prepared for potential heat waves. Taking the time to use some simple tricks before and during extreme heat can help give the air conditioning a break. Or, if there is no A/C, some of these could be a lifesaver!

Some parts of the home do not block out the weather like others. Take the time to check insulation in the attic and garage to ensure it is protecting those areas as efficiently as possible. If you see any holes, tears, or areas that may need repair, think about getting those fixed as far in advance of any extreme weather as you can.

Doors and Windows
Another part of the home that may be letting in heat and going unnoticed could be unchecked doors and windows. There could be small gaps that just need a simple seal you can find at any hardware store. Some doors and windows that have been around longer may need to be replaced, so check on the condition of all doors and windows in the home.

If there is currently extreme heat in the area, it may be best to avoid using heat-producing appliances like stoves and ovens. While this may be your typical means of cooking, maybe for a few days you can find alternative solutions like simple sandwiches, cereal, salads, or other meals that you can avoid heating up. In addition, you may want to think about unplugging any appliances that are not in use. Every little bit of heat reduction can help!

If the air conditioning is working overtime, there is no A/C in the home, or if a unit has been having some issues, you may want to consider using fans. Box fans or standing fans in a room can be a great alternative to air conditioning. A dehumidifier is also a great option to reduce moisture in the room and help the air feel a little bit cooler. If the weather cools off at night, you can even try opening windows and using a fan to blow in the cool air. If there are ceiling fans in the home, make sure they are going counterclockwise during the summer months to ensure cool air is blowing down toward you.

Heat waves and extreme weather can be difficult, but you can provide your clients some helpful tips to ensure they are ready before and during some of the hottest days of the summer!