This June, we celebrate National Homeownership Month. Recognizing existing homeowners is exciting, but to continue an upward trend of homeownership we must also advocate for and empower future home buyers. You can be an advisor for your clients by meeting them where they are and answering questions about the process they may be confused about. One concern may be holding them back from their dream home, and you could have the answer.

Be the Resource Your Clients Need
The first step to connect with your clients and be the biggest advocate for them on their home-buying journey is to find out what they know and what they want to know. It may be a waste of time if you over-educate your clients on something they have already researched on their own; these potential home buyers want to know why they need you. Ask what they are already comfortable with and what questions they have, then you can find a direction to go with them and be the best help possible. You may even do further research about something they ask you so you can provide them the assistance they actually need.

The Dreaded Down Payment
A big worry many potential home buyers have in the very beginning of the process is the down payment. Because of being told this for so long, many people just assume a big number like twenty percent must go down to buy any house but, as a REALTOR®, you know that is not the case. As the economy has changed significantly and different generations are making up a majority of the home-buyer population, REALTORS® need to be upfront with their clients about what is actually needed for a down payment and what is realistic for them to afford. Breaking this down for them could ease them into the process and make homeownership a reality.

Give Them Options
After discussing down payment options, you can guide your clients to different types of mortgages that may be best for them. There is not just a one-size-fits-all mortgage with a set down payment amount, and you can be the first to share this good news with your potential home buyer. When you find a program or lender that may be right for them, connect them to these experts. You do not have to be the expert on everything, and you can hand it over to the professionals in these fields to assist your client even more. As a REALTOR®, you can give your client the options and then provide them the resources so they can learn more about payment assistance, home buyer education, and other programs to get them on their way.

Be your clients’ biggest supporter this National Homeownership Month and guide them on the path toward buying their dream home. REALTORS® are the major stepping stone between a potential home buyer and a homeowner.