Every two years, Virginia REALTORS®, through the REALTORS® PAC of Virginia, supports dozens of candidates of for state legislative office. This year, all 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates are up for election on November 2nd.

While the RPAC Disbursement Trustees approves direct funding for many of the candidates running throughout Virginia, there are a few candidates who reach the level of REALTOR® Champion—a designation we give to candidates who go above and beyond in supporting you and your industry. These candidates are backed based on their support of REALTOR® issues, not outside issues or political party affiliations.

RPAC supports these candidates through a variety of efforts, from grassroots member engagement to paid campaign activities, such as direct mail and digital ads. Virginia law allows political action committees like ours to work directly with campaigns, which increases the REALTOR® impact in these efforts.

This week, we are highlighting a few of our REALTOR® Champion candidates and the impact of our support.

Delegate Tony Wilt (R – Harrisonburg)

Delegate Tony Wilt is a small business owner who has represented Harrisonburg and parts of Rockingham County in the House of Delegates since 2010. He currently serves on the House Labor and Commerce Committee and the Virginia Small Business Commission. Delegate Wilt has been recognized for his efforts to reduce red tape and create lower-cost health insurance options for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

“I’m extremely grateful for all the help I’ve gotten from the Virginia REALTORS® this election. They’ve been so supportive in the mailbox, online, and in our grassroots efforts. Over the years they have also been a strong ally in Richmond—whether it’s working together on an affordable option for health coverage where none currently exists or pushing back against policies that could drive up housing costs. They provide a valuable service to our community, and I’m honored to have the Virginia RELATORS® on my side!” – Tony Wilt

Delegate Lashrecse Aird (D – Petersburg)

Delegate Lashrecse Aird has served in the House of Delegates since 2016, representing the City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, and parts of Chesterfield. Delegate Aird serves on the Housing/Consumer Protection Subcommittee of the House General Laws Committee, which hears the majority of REALTOR®-related legislation. She also serves on the House Appropriations Committee, which is charged with preparing the Virginia biennial budget.

In 2018, when media reports highlighted the high rates of eviction in certain Virginia localities, Virginia REALTORS® worked closely with Delegate Aird and other stakeholders to pass legislation that helped tenants in difficult financial situations, while maintaining reasonable tools for housing providers to operate their businesses and manage their properties effectively.

“REALTORS® represent the heart of every community. Often knowing what’s happening with municipal governments, neighborhoods, local schools, and nearby businesses, they’re a rich source of knowledge. And, they actively have the ability to cultivate our neighborhoods with people that will make any community thrive. For that, I am grateful and appreciate all that they do.” -Lashrecse Aird

Delegate Roxann Robinson (R – Chesterfield)

Delegate Roxann Robinson has served in the House of Delegates since 2010, representing parts of Chesterfield County. Delegate Robinson has carried legislation at the request of  Virginia REALTORS® and served on the House General Laws Committee, where she became well-versed in real estate related issues.

“Over the past 10 years, I have worked to make sure Chesterfield has the best schools, low taxes, and a pro-business climate. Virginia REALTORS® has been an amazing supporter and friend during my tenure. When important issues come before the General Assembly, I can always count on the association to provide accurate information and a perspective I might not have considered. I look forward to continuing to work with the association and championing issues important to the real estate industry.” -Roxann Robinson

Chris Hurst (D – Blacksburg)

Delegate Chris Hurst has represented the City of Radford, Giles County, and parts of Montgomery and Pulaski counties in the House of Delegates since 2018. He serves on the House General Laws Committee, as well as the influential Appropriations and Transportation committees. Delegate Hurst has been a leader in the House in our efforts to pursue lower-cost health insurance options for REALTORS®.

“I’m more than proud to receive the endorsement of the Virginia REALTORS® PAC. Whether it’s their fight in making housing more accessible to thousands of Virginians or making their efforts to make Virginia the best state in the nation for rent relief, they have a partner in me, and I look forward to building our relationship even stronger next year.” -Chris Hurst


If you have questions about our campaign services program or want to help a REALTOR® Champion in your area, contact us at advocacy@virginiarealtors.org.