“This is the most important election of our lifetime.”

This common refrain may be a little bit hyperbolic, but every year in Virginia is an election year, and each election year outcome will have a significant impact on your business and the lives of your clients. From governor down to local government, Virginian’s have big choices to make this November.

That’s why it’s important to participate, and the key to participation is making sure you’re registered to vote.

If you’ve never registered or moved since the last election, make sure you are good to go this fall.

The deadline to register in Virginia is October 12th. You can register to vote, or check your current registration, on the Virginia Department of Election voter website.

More than 91% of Virginia REALTORS® are registered to vote.  If you’re one that’s not, act now to join the REALTOR® voice.

Also, Remember October 22nd is the last day to request an absentee ballot by mail, and October 30th is the last day to vote early by in-person absentee ballot. Visit the Department of Elections for more information.