During a time where many are staying home and social distancing, maintaining and increasing our social connections remains important. Today’s technology has really given us a way to strengthen our current connections, while also creating new ones. Here are 6 tips to help you stay connected during a pandemic: 

Virtual book club- Start or join a virtual book club with a friend or group of friends. Choose a book to read together, then check in weekly to discuss.

Stay social with online games- Play online game with apps like Bunch, PLATO, Words with Friends 2, or try a virtual escape room! These apps allow you to have some fun with anyone!

Television show/movie watch party- Start watching television shows or movies at the same time with your friends. After you finish, discuss with your friends. Streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu allow you to add friends to a personal virtual watch party.

Virtual tours- Have you been wanting to travel?  You can go to many incredible places around the world if you desire and still stay home. Call or video-chat with friends while taking virtual tours together to natural parks, museums, and more from Google Arts & Culture.

Write a letter- Sending a warm and fuzzy card to someone you think needs it during this pandemic can be just what that person needs. Don’t forget your return address – they may even send one back.

Virtual happy hour- You and your friends can get together after a long day to decompress and share stories about your experiences during the pandemic. Alcohol is optional! Highlight your favorite cocktail (or “mocktail!”) and have everyone make it together over a video call. Remember, don’t drink and drive.

We understand the pandemic can affect people in many different ways. If you’re feeling stressed, check out this blog for stress-reducing tips for REALTORS®.