What on earth are REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts (RPMA)? If that’s the first question pops into your mind when you hear “RPMA,” then here’s the deal. NAR has REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts–a text messaging platform to alert you to certain national and state calls for action.

Why is this important to you? REALTORS® who sign up for RPMA are on the frontlines of our advocacy efforts and more likely to respond to an urgent text message call for action. That means RPMA boosts the unified REALTOR® voice when we need it most.

Also, NAR has an ambitious goal of Virginia signing up 8,478 REALTORS® this year to RPMA. Right now, we have 4,243, just over 50% of the goal.

Help us reach out goal and strengthen our advocacy efforts by signing up for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts today!  You can also text REALTORS to 30644 to register.