Rent Relief Update Feb 2021

Attention landlords:

The Virginia Rent Relief Program (RRP), operated by Virginia Housing, changed again as of February 1, 2021, based on new guidance from the US Treasury. Virginia has received its allocation of the Emergency Rental Assistance funds from the US Treasury. A few program changes will impact the review of applications:

  • Most importantly, in addition to the current month’s income documentation, applicants will need to provide documentation for the previous two months’ income as well (total of three months). The three months of documentation is required for all new applications and amendments. Applicants will receive requests for additional income documentation on applications that are currently under review.
  • HUD’s definition of annual income (24 CFR 5.609 Annual Income) will be used when reviewing applications for eligibility. You can find that definition here.
  • Virginia Housing will continue to annualize current monthly income to determine eligibility.
  • Income must be re-verified every three months during the amendment process.
  • Fairfax and Chesterfield counties have decided to allocate relief at the local level, meaning residents in those jurisdictions need to apply with the county directly.

A revised application will be available February 15th.

Guidance released January 19th from the US Treasury requires updates to the RRP application and review process. Please begin using the revised application PDF on the Virginia Housing website and in GMS on February 15th. More guidance from the Treasury is expected, and as it is released, Virginia Housing will continue to evaluate whether program changes are needed.

  • The current application deadline in GMS has been changed accordingly.

In addition to these changes, Virginia Housing is no longer taking new applications for mortgage relief under the new funding guidance.

Be sure to check with Virginia Housing for more information. Virginia REALTORS® will continue to provide updates as this program continues to evolve.