In this season of Thanksgiving, we asked REALTORS® why they are thankful for RPAC.  Here are a few responses we received.

“R” in RPAC

“A long time ago, as a brand-new REALTOR®, I never realized the value of RPAC and would strike my fair share when paying dues. Now having experienced firsthand the value of the “R” in RPAC, I am a Major Investor. I invest, as my dollars help us get a seat at the table. Having seen the recognition of our Government Affairs Directors when visiting the Hill is eye opening. I have experienced having the ear of the officials, and most importantly, my dollars help protect and promote the property rights of our clients. During these challenging COVID times, REALTORS® were deemed essential personnel and therefore we REALTORS® were able to continue working! That in itself is major. I am so proud and blessed to be an RPAC contributor.”

– Lorraine Arora, Oak Hill, VA


Sharing Our Opinions

“I am thankful for RPAC for always asking us, the professionals, who are the boots on the ground, what we think of a proposed law or bill. Affording us the opportunity to weigh in on legislation that affects our clients and our business directly. Most of all, I am thankful for RPAC during these struggling times of COVID. Calling an emergency meeting prior to the special general assembly session to discuss proposed laws that could have significant negative impact on our clients was important to me.”

– Dawn Josemans, Fredericksburg, VA


Protecting the Housing Industry

“Who knew that the global pandemic would upend the rental market, especially as it relates to the ability for tenants to pay rent, and for landlords to use that rental income to pay the mortgage on a rental property? That is why every REALTOR® should support RPAC. RPAC gave Virginia REALTORS® and NAR, and even our local associations, a seat at the table to ensure that policy makers were hearing our side of the rental market… that they understood that while none of us wants to see anyone struggle to pay their rent, there also is a direct impact on our landlords to pay the mortgage on those rental properties. Because of RPAC and the influence of the Virginia REALTORS® and local Public Policy teams, we have been able to keep “mom and pop” landlords in the housing game, and give them the financial safety net so that they can continue to provide much-needed product on the housing spectrum. Without it, we would have been in a world of hurt, with no one listening to the financial impacts that COVID-19 was having on small landlords, and ultimately, on the availability of sustainable rental housing.”

– Dewey Hutchins, Newport News, VA