Generating new leads is a critical part of building one’s business as a REALTOR®. A quick Google search for “innovative lead generation ideas” will deliver everything from creating your own app to sponsoring a local soccer team.

To effectively meet the needs of potential customers, we encourage our members to keep their focus on the core their customers’ needs.

For any customer in any industry, most marketers agree that there are a few key stages to the typical “customer journey.”

These include:

· Awareness – They know they have a problem but don’t know how to solve it.

· Evaluation – They have become aware that you exist, and could possibly solve their issue, but they are also weighing other options.

· Conversion – They are finalizing their decision to have you solve their problem.

AWARENESS: Don’t believe that just because you paid for one social media ad that you have successfully checked this box. True awareness from potential customers can take time. They will need to see your ads consistently. So, if social media ads are part of your strategy, come up with a marketing schedule that allows you to continue running your promotions. Key takeaway: True awareness from customers rarely amounts from a “one and done” approach to advertising.

EVALUATION: REALTORS® operate within a sea of talented competitors, so how can you convince potential customers that YOU are the right choice? Let your former clients add their voice to the mix. They key is here is making sure their praises aren’t generic. Did you go above and beyond for a client? Ask if they’d be willing to tell that story for your marketing. Authentic storytelling will reach your potential clients on a human level. Key takeaway: Meet your potential customers at the evaluation step by having someone just like them share why you are the best choice.

CONVERSION: Your potential clients are having trouble picking between you and another REALTOR®. Who gets the sale? The one who shows up, consistently, every time. We know REALTORS® are busy, but if you don’t return calls or emails promptly, your leads will find someone else who does. Key takeaway: Use the final step as a chance to demonstrate your responsiveness and dependability.

So, whether you choose to do cold calling, sponsor a local school music program, or start a real estate blog, make sure you show up for your clients at all three steps of their customer journey.