For many of you, the market slows down in the winter. But let’s look on the bright side—perhaps this means there are less homes out there for your seller to compete with. Not to mention, a spring buyer won’t know for sure if they’ve purchased a cozy winter abode until the temperatures drop. And by then, they’re already moved in and settled.

Here are a few tips for preparing homes for successful winter showings. This is only a good start; be creative and add your own special touches!

  1. Safety first. A nicely shoveled and de-iced sidewalk is a must. Make it easy for visitors to make their way into the home and see the sidewalks, pathways, porches, and driveways. Be sure to include all outdoor spaces, spaces such as a decks and patios.
  2. Make sure the heat is on. You don’t want a buyers first impression to be “Hmm… I wonder if the heat works.” If you have a showing or open house, stop by earlier in the day to set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Keep the floors clean. Typically, de-icing involves salt or some other chemical, and salty shoes or boots on hardwood floors or carpet can get ugly quick. Consider using rugs or paper runners to save floors, or, ask visitors to take off their shoes.
  4. If you can, pick a sunny day. A sunny day combined with beautiful fresh coat of snow on the ground can make a yard look idyllic.
  5. Don’t forget about promoting the spring-time perks. We want to convey how great a home can be in the winter, but we shouldn’t forget about sharing how great it could be in the spring or summer as well. Be sure to talk about noteworthy features, such as lush crepe myrtle trees, that may not look as impressive in the winter.