The beauty of Autumn leaves adds a magical element to the fall season. Fiery red and burnt orange hues punctuate the crisp air, creating charming views. However, once the leaves make their way off the branches, they can create a significant challenge to sellers. Who wants to buy a home with a yard buried beneath tall piles of leaves? Too many fallen leaves can leave potential buyers with a bad impression as they envision themselves having to rake and bag continually throughout the season.

While many home owners would typically choose to burn their leaves, this year’s drought has resulted in burn bans being issues throughout much of the state. So… what’s a seller to do?

Supply your clients with these simple tips for keeping the leaves at bay.

  • Mulch the leaves with a mower. says, “Mow over your leaves right where they fall. The pulverized shards will fall beneath the blades of grass without suffocating your lawn. Instead, they will decompose and fertilize your lawn, making it greener than ever next spring.” Note: You’ll need a mower with a mulcher to do this. Most new models of lawn mowers have a mulch setting, and a high-lift mulching blade can be added to older mowers for relatively low cost. BONUS Tip: Be sure the leaves are dry when you mow. Mow over them slowly, making multiple passes to thoroughly shred the leaves.
  • Try a tarp. Davey Tree Service suggests that instead of using trash bag after trash bag, home owners should try using a rake or leaf blower to gather leaves onto one large tarp. Then, simply lift it up and dump the leaves on the curb or in a compost pile. Or, if they do want to bag them, the tarp can serve as a funnel. Just have someone else guide the leaves into the bag or can to streamline the process.