By: Guest Author, Virginia REALTORS® Project Manager & Content Manager, Laura Jones

Raise your hand if a client has in the last year or two shown you a Pinterest board or a screenshot of something Joanna Gaines has done? While inspiration is a great starting point, it can make finding (or selling) a “Pinterest-y” property quite difficult. To help guide you on some advice you can give clients, whether they are buying and need to renovate or are selling and need to modernize, I’ve put together this little list:

1.Add Height to a Room: Whenever possible, use an extra-long pendent light. If a kitchen is spacious, put three hanging pendants over an island or long countertop. If space is limited, consider putting one decorative light above the sink.

2.High-Quality Under-Cabinet Lighting: Brighten up a dark or small kitchen with under-cabinet lighting, but only if it is a good quality! A tacked-up string of rope lights does NOT under-cabinet lighting make—especially when prepping for a sale. There numerous options that won’t break the bank.

3.Search for a Statement: If you’re advising a buyer, help them envision a new statement lighting fixture. You could suggest something trendy like a brass mobile or a rustic wagon wheel. Both options are fun and attention getting. When consulting a seller looking to modernize, suggest something that’s more timelessly trendy like glass-globe pendants or a mixed-metal chandelier.