Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your bills will. Do you wish you had some extra cash in your pocket? Dominion Energy has useful tips and small changes you can make that add up to short and long-term savings.

1. Use a free online Energy Savings Calculator. Dominion Energy has a free energy savings calculator that can track your electricity use by the hour, day, or more. You can also sign up to get email or text alerts about your estimated bill.

2. Turn down your water heater. The majority of water heaters come set at 140 degrees. Turn it down to 120 degrees for savings and safety.

3. Practice thermostat control. In summer, try 75-78 degrees to save on air conditioning.

4. Wash smarter. Use the energy saver mode on your clothes washer and dishwasher. Also, wash your laundry in cold water. Cold water reduces wrinkles, which saves energy costs (and time) associated with ironing.

5. Look closer. If you feel like your energy costs are rising, stop and take a closer look at your utility bill for any changes.

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