By: Guest Author, Senior Vice President of Member Programs, Adam Smith, PMP

Over the past five years, I have met hundreds of successful REALTORS® and they all have one common characteristic: charisma. I leave our conversations feeling great and looking forward to the next time we meet. But what is it that makes me feel that way? Is it the smile, the excitement of seeing one another, or that they remember tidbits about our last conversation? Or perhaps it’s their ability to identify my state of mind and react in such a way that draws me into the conversation.

REALTORS® who are able to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions are more likely to understand and influence the emotions of their clients. Taking the time to actively listen to their needs and wants to learn about their expectations and constraints can really go a long way. Understand when you should and shouldn’t be too enthusiastic. If you find that your client is anxious about a particular part of the transaction, take the time to walk them through it, be there to listen, and make them feel at ease. Recognize things that annoy your client and steer clear. Build a relationship of trust that leads to their confidence in you. There are a lot of steps in a transaction and this one is just as important as the rest.

Whether buying or selling a home, it is definitely an emotional roller coaster for your clients. Understanding during peaks, drops, and sharp turns will show your clients you are there for them all the way to the finish. And if they feel the support, it will be hard not to share their experience with a friend.

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