Legal Hotline Spotlight

This week’s hotline question is a rather grim affair. What if you have a property where someone committed suicide, was murdered, or another sort of felony occurred? Do you have to disclose? Unless the felony that occurred was the manufacture of methamphetamine, the answer is no.  

This is governed by the Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act. § 55.1-713. It states notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter or any other statute or regulation, no cause of action shall arise against an owner or a real estate licensee for failure to disclose that the real property was the site of a homicide, felony, or suicide. 

Are any of those three material adverse facts? Perhaps, however, you are under no obligation to stigmatize the property. This week’s question is a short one; however, it is important to know what your obligations are as a licensee.

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Information accurate as of 03/09/23