New year, new… clean home? Whether you’re helping a client with a sale or just trying to purge some items in your own closet, we have a few organization tips–now you just need to find the time!

What Do You REALLY Need?
The first step in cleaning out any area of your home is making sure you are ready to get rid of some things. A good question to ask when deciding whether to part with unused items is, “has this been used or worn in the last year?” If the answer is no, it might be time to bring it to the local thrift store or search an online recycling database to see if it’s something that can be recycled elsewhere.

Your county’s website should have a list of what can be recycled where, including everything from aluminum cans to tires. You could also try to sell items that still have some value on an online marketplace or donate them to a local charity. (A forgotten gift you received may hold tremendous value for someone else!) 

The Dreaded Junk Drawer (or Closet… or Cabinet… )
Plan ahead and find just one thirty-minute chunk of time one day to dedicate exclusively to cleaning this space so you can avoid distractions. You can start the process by taking everything out and sorting by how you’d like it to be organized. Also use this time to decide if anything is for trash or recycling, such as old receipts, expired coupons, or unused boxes. You will be surprised by how much was in your drawer that you didn’t really need!

When you go to put your things back, you could even add in some organizing bins to help section everything off. Pro tip: gather all those electronic cords, wrap each in its own twist tie, and compile them in one bag within the drawer or closet. When you finish one space, you can pick another day for the next area in your home you want to tackle until everything is freshly organized!

Don’t Forget Those Hidden Storage Areas
Do you have a basement, garage, shed, or storage closet? These places may be your catch-all for tools or toys you don’t use very often but could eventually pile up and become overwhelming. If this home is going on the market soon, it might be nice to freshen up these spaces and clear out some room. Go through each area the same way you did your junk drawer, starting with sorting. You may find some things you forgot you had!

As you slowly wind down from the holiday season, use these tips for yourself or share with your clients. Always make sure to “re-home” things to the most appropriate places, whether it’s by donating or recycling, so they can get to where they’re needed most.