REALTORS® pride themselves on knowing properties. Take a quick break from your day and check out these interesting and record-setting properties around the world! They may even spark some inspiration for your next project. (After all, who doesn’t need their own postal code?!)

Tallest Residential Building in the World
Coming in at 1,500 feet tall, with 98 floors, and 179 units is the Central Park Tower in New York, NY. The building was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, who specialize in tall skyscrapers all over the world. This building, though the tallest residential building, is also the 13th tallest building in the world. The site contains 50,000 square feet of amenities, including an indoor and outdoor pool, lounge, theater, conference room, spa, gym, exercise rooms, basketball court, and children’s playroom. Standing out above all the other buildings in New York, this one is a sight to see!

Largest Residential Building in the World
The Edifício Copan (Copan Building) is considered the largest residential building in the world. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, this building contains 1,160 apartments and 70 commercial units. Fun fact: this building has so many units, it even has its own postal code! Oscar Niemeyer was the developer of this building, and construction started in 1957, finishing up in 1966. This was a big undertaking for this time period, so 56 years later, developers and city project managers are looking to give it a much-needed facelift.

Most Unique Residential Building in the World
Though this cannot be measured in length or width, multiple architecture sources have deemed The Interlace in Singapore as the most unique residential building in the world. With multiple separate buildings sitting diagonally atop each other like some sort of puzzle, you may just have to take a look at this beauty for yourself! This building was designed by The Office for Metropolitan Architecture and contains 1,040 units. The atmosphere of this complex looks to be similar to that of a small town, with the structure surrounding luxurious amenities, including a 50-meter lap pool, jogging track, putting green, pet zone, and even its own retail plaza.

These breath-taking properties have some interesting features we thought you might enjoy. Whether it’s a city-wide view or a spectacular number of residents, there is no shortage of unique properties to find around the world.