While new leads are always exciting, the residents that stay multiple years and become part of the community are great, too! It is even a little bit easier for residents to renew, because that’s one less move-in and move-out for YOU.

We’ve put together a list of strategies to help encourage your residents to stay a little (or a lot!) longer.


One of the best ways to make sure your tenants are satisfied throughout the year is to stay on top of maintenance. This can be anything from a quick fix they need in their apartment, to making sure the amenities stay in top shape for their use. Ensure you have a great maintenance team that stays on top of tasks and is friendly and efficient each time they visit a unit for a fix. As long as requests are being taken care of and community amenities are ready to use, residents will be happy to stay at your property long term!


Always have an open line of honest communication with your residents. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, you can send a quick check-in email to make sure everything is going well. If someone recently had a maintenance request handled, you could follow-up to ensure it was completed and everything is still working well. It’s also important to respond quickly to emails or calls you receive so tenants know they can count on you to get back to them.

Distribute a Survey

Get the insights you need directly from your tenants. Give out a survey asking them questions to find out what things they might want to change, what they do and don’t like, or maybe what they have seen at other properties that they liked. You surely can’t accommodate ALL answers and comments that come your way, but this can help you get the inside scoop on what your residents really want and find ways to make some of them happen.


Whatever you do throughout the year, make sure you keep your residents top of mind. If they know they are a priority to you, they will be more likely to stay a part of your community.