In 2020, Virginia added “status as a veteran” to the list of protected categories under the Virginia Fair Housing Act. In 2021, this was updated to “military status”, creating a broader protection for our servicemembers.

As we honor Veterans Day 2021, it seemed a good opportunity to reflect on this addition and update to the law.

While “status as a veteran” wasn’t defined, the 2021 update provided more information on who is protected under the new military status category.

In Virginia, military status is defined as:

  • Member of the uniformed services or a reserve component of a service, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, and Coast Guard.
  • A veteran, who is someone that served in the active military and was released or discharged under conditions other than dishonorable; and,
  • A dependent who receives at least 50% of their support from the servicemember.

This means that our servicemembers and their dependents are protected from housing discrimination in Virginia.

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