Virginia REALTORS® offers members three template Office Policy & Procedures Manuals that can be used and modified by Brokers to ensure compliance with the Virginia Real Estate Board Regulations requirement that firms have written policies and procedures regarding certain items.

Each year Virginia REALTORS® updates our Suggested Office Policy Manuals based on changes to the laws, regulations, REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and industry best practices. To read about the changes made for 2021, see marked up versions with the changes, and view the newest edition, visit our website. If you have already adopted the Virginia REALTORS® Suggested Office Policy Manual, the marked up versions (“Redline”) will allow you to quickly see what was changed and determine whether you need or want to make those changes in the document you have already customized. If you don’t have an Office Policy Manual, or are looking for a new one, you’ll want to look at the documents marked “clean.”

You can find the clean, marked up, and explanation documents here:

Residential Broker Office Policy Manual

Property Management Broker Office Policy Manual

Teams Broker Office Policy Manual