Virginia REALTORS® is pleased to announce the creation of a new Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) dedicated to expanding opportunities for diversity and inclusion. The mission of this group is to evaluate our organization and make recommendations to enhance diversity and inclusion regarding:

  • organizational governance and leadership
  • member involvement
  • association membership, and
  • established or implied policies which impact diversity and inclusion within the organization.

In addition, the PAG is charged to look outside of the organization and provide feedback or recommendations on actions or policies regarding:

  • fair housing initiatives
  • affiliations with external organizations with shared interests
  • public policy impacts on diversity in property ownership and communities, and
  • the advancement of diversity within the profession of real estate.

Says Virginia REALTORS® 2020 President, Kemper Funkhouser, “Virginia REALTORS® is excited to announce the development of this new and important PAG. Diversity and inclusion are essential components of our work as REALTORS®, and this group will help us make significant impacts both within the communities of Virginia as well as within our own organization.”

Senior Vice President of Community and Industry Relations, Leslie Frazier, will serve as the PAG’s Staff Liaison. Says Frazier, “I commend President Funkhouser and President-Elect Dalton for creating the Presidential Advisory Group, and I am thrilled to work with and provide support to its members. The broad charge of the PAG will allow us to thoroughly examine the current landscape, identify needs and key areas of focus, and make sound recommendations over the next year.  This is only the beginning of efforts that will yield long-term results for improved diversity and inclusion in the Virginia REALTORS® organization, fair housing, and the entire real estate industry.”