On March 20, 2019, Virginia REALTORS® 2019 President Beckwith Bolle attended the first meeting of the Virginia Housing Development Authority’s (VHDA) Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Task Force. The purpose of this task force is to provide input on VHDA’s REACH Virginia resources allocated to the region in support of Virginia’s investment in Amazon’s major new headquarters in National Landing. As part of the package offered to Amazon, VHDA committed $15 million per year for five years ($75 million total) of additional REACH Virginia funds to address housing needs in the Northern Virginia region.

REACH Virginia is created and funded by VHDA—with internally-generated funds—to address Virginia’s most pressing and difficult-to-serve housing needs.

Bolle joins a diverse group of representatives on the task force, including non-profits, developers, and housing advocates. Today’s meeting allows the chance for these experts and advocates to offer VHDA insight on the best ways to allocate the REACH Virginia funds, addressing the region’s housing needs, exploring leveraging other housing resources, and assessing potential impact on key public policy plans.