From high home prices, to low mortgage rates, to inventory shortages, the 2018 housing market certainly had its highs and lows. So, what’s on the horizon as we kick off 2019?

Real estate investor and financial expert Dave Ramsey has put together a list of real estate trends you can anticipate seeing in 2019.

Trend #1? Home prices are rising slowly, with fewer offers. According to Ramsey, home prices are expected to rise much slower than the surge we saw in 2017 and the early part of 2018. While sellers should be excited to hear that home prices are rising, they need to be sure their property and price appeals to buyers since there will be fewer offers to go around.

Additionally, the number of homes on the market is expected to rise by just 1%. A bright point is that new construction will likely be in high demand and is expected to increase by 8% this year.

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