Make Your Mark 2019

It’s time to “Make Your Mark” in 2019. “Make Your Mark” is 2019 Virginia REALTORS® President Beckwith Bolle’s theme for the year. This campaign is all about building meaningful relationships and bringing humanity back into the real estate business. It’s about coming together and sharing how Virginia REALTORS® across the Commonwealth are taking part in giving back to their community. Most importantly, it’s about sharing experiences, spreading hope, and having a positive impact on one another.

President Beckwith Bolle’s challenge is to show us how you’re making your mark this year. Whether you’re volunteering at a food bank, local shelter, being a good neighbor, raising money, or coaching sports, show us how you’re serving your community!

Share how you are “Making Your Mark” on social media with #MakeYourMark2019

2019 President Beckwith Bolle