Preparedness Month, observed nationwide in September, reminds Virginians to collect supplies and make and share a plan for the protecting their families, homes, and communities in the event of an emergency or disaster. Virginia REALTORS® encourages all Virginians to ready themselves for hurricane season by making plans for how to stay safe and communicate during an emergency.

The overwhelming destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey illustrates how vast the impact of a disaster can be. Since natural disasters can inhibit channels of communication, the first step to safety planning is to inform close contacts about the course of action in case of emergency. Thinking through potential dangers during Preparedness Month can prevent or lessen damage to homes and threats to personal safety. Virginians are encouraged to consider family members, pets, and the elderly, as well as transportation routes and property safeguards in developing an emergency plan of action.  

To assist Virginians with weather-related disasters, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and its Ready Virginia app offer resources that include check lists of essential supplies, step-by-step guides for staying safe in emergency conditions, and instructions to stay informed of critical updates.