Photo Credit: Homes For Our Troops

Virginia REALTORS® are currently in year three of our statewide partnership with Homes For Our Troops (HFOT), a nonprofit whose mission is to provide severely injured post-9/11 veterans with mortgage-free, specially-adapted housing.

This week, Corporal Kevin Blanchard (USMC, retired) spoke to the Virginia REALTORS® staff about his experience with HFOT. While on patrol in northwest Iraq in 2005, Blanchard and four other Marines were hit by an improvised explosive device (IED). From the blast, Blanchard lost his left leg and sustained serious damage to his right. His amazing recovery involved thirteen months of hospitalization and 30 separate surgeries.

Now, HFOT is constructing a customized home in Crozet for Blanchard and his wife. These customizations, including widened hallways and pull-down shelving, will offer accessibility for Blanchard when he requires the use of his wheelchair.

In closing, Blanchard noted how this journey has taught him to control his own happiness and appreciate the gift of each new day.

We’d like to thank Corporal Blanchard for adding even deeper meaning to this partnership. If you would like to support the Virginia REALTORS® partnership with HFOT, please consider a donation or learn more by clicking here.