The Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association (HRRA) has given essential aid to neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Through their REALTORS® Have a Heart Flood Relief effort, HRRA members have worked tirelessly to deliver care packages, going door to door in the areas most severely affected by October’s Hurricane Matthew. Additionally, the Virginia Association of REALTORS® and HRRA, in coordination with the Partnership for Housing Affordability and the national REALTOR® Relief Foundation, offered direct financial assistance for housing relief to Virginians affected by the storm and resultant damage. HRRA got the message out to the community, membership, and the media through mass emails and social media efforts. Members played a critical role in building awareness of the resources by sharing information with clients, neighbors, and fellow members once the grant monies were made available. Over $60,000 in assistance was granted to dozens of residents, and HRRA members are still helping with ongoing challenges. Volunteers have offered not only supplies and assistance in recovery, but also the support and listening of true neighbors.


Read more here on the HRRA hurricane recovery effort, or contact Victoria Hecht at for more information. For information on the Virginia REALTOR® commitment to communities and housing opportunity resources, contact Jenny Wortham at