In an op-ed in Wednesday’s Roanoke Times, VAR Past President Kit Hale laid out the results of a year-long review of rural housing trends and needs facilitated by Housing Virginia in partnership with the Virginia Association of REALTORS®.  The report, which was compiled from a series of rural housing stakeholder meetings around the Commonwealth, will be released this week at the Governor’s Housing Conference in Roanoke.

Hale, who is also chair of Housing Virginia, concluded, “We all have a responsibility to our neighbors around Virginia. Rural communities have received too little support in recent years and we do ourselves and the Commonwealth a disservice when we don’t undertake policies that address the needs of all Virginians. We need to ensure that the rural housing crisis in Virginia is not a silent crisis, but is instead one that we work together to solve.”

You can read Hale’s full op-ed here.

To learn more about the REALTORS®’ efforts with rural housing, contact VAR Senior Vice President of Communication & Public Relations Jenny Wortham.