Virginia REALTORS® Increases Support to Our Brokers

Brokers are the backbone of the real estate industry. They have a great deal of responsibility to their firms, their agents, their community, and to the rules and regulations set forth by the Association and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many would say that professionalism in the industry starts with the broker: leading from the front, setting the example for their agents and their competitors, operating in compliance, and ensuring training is available and up to date. Virginia REALTORS® values our relationship with brokers and understands that these relationships are vital for growing and maintaining a higher standard of ethics and professionalism in real estate.

This is why we have created space and dedicated resources just for our brokers. This new broker newsletter will be sent the first week of every month with key broker information and will link to our new broker resource webpage where you can find:

  • New broker sales meeting kits
  • Monthly sales data
  • Special blogs from our Chief Economist
  • Legal Lessons from our Legal Team
  • Business success resources
  • and more.

If you have ideas that can contribute to our broker community, please share them by using the feedback link below. Here’s to raising awareness, building relationships, and elevating professionalism in our industry!

Beckwith Bolle

Virginia REALTORS® 2019 President

Kemper Funkhouser

Virginia REALTORS® 2019 President-Elect

Click here to get quick tools and downloads on our Broker Resources page.