We are excited to be able to bring the classes to you during these unprecedented times. To help you, we have put together the following information.

What program is being used by VAR to offer virtual education?

  • Classes will be offered through Zoom. You may download Zoom software here. We strongly recommend you download the Zoom app to your computer, laptop, or tablet.  We do not recommend using your mobile phone for virtual education.

How Do I Register?

  • Using the link provided, you will register and pay for the course through our Membership System.
  • The day before class, you will receive an email with the Zoom link and our class policies, and you will need to register through Zoom to get a customized Zoom link for the class. Please log in early to ensure you are set up and ready when the class starts.


  • Students are responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity, and a reliable internet connection.
  • You MUST connect with a device that has a video/audio connection. You MUST be visible on screen to meet VAR and Virginia REB requirements for continuing education credit for the entirety of the class. Failure to be visible may result in disqualification and removal from the class.
  • The camera on the computer must remain stable and UNMOVED during the live training.
  • Test your internet video (camera) and audio connections before class by joining a test meeting at https://zoom.us/test.
  • If you do experience technical issues (camera or audio not working only – not Zoom login) that you can’t quickly resolve, please contact the Tech Helpline (a member service of the Virginia REALTORS).
  • Students may not share their computers with other students.
  • Students may be muted at any point of the class by the host, instructor, or VAR staff member. If you have been muted, VAR asks that you remain muted unless addressed directly. This helps with overall class learning and communication.

What happens when I log into the class?

  • You will be placed in a “waiting room” until the class begins.
  • Virtual presence is required for credit with visual verification done throughout the class.
  • You must be on a device with a camera and a microphone.
  • Driving during a virtual class is prohibited. If you are observed driving, you will be removed from the class automatically and not allowed to rejoin.
  • Once admitted into the class, your microphone will be muted. We ask that you keep it on mute unless the instructor asks you a question directly.

 Will questions be allowed?

  • You will have the ability to ask questions to the instructor through the chat option in Zoom. The instructor will make every effort to answer questions during the session.
  • You will see a drop-down menu in the chat option to select if you want to chat separately with the Proctor or the Help Desk for technical or CE-related questions.

What are the recommended Zoom settings?

  • For the best viewing ability throughout the class, please make sure you are on “speaker view” and not “gallery view.”
  • Do not use “full screen” or else the chatbox might not appear correctly, and you will not be able to view the presentation slides.

What are the attendance requirements?

  • You DO have to be present during the entire class to get class and CE credit (if applicable) and receive your certificate of completion. Attendance will be monitored via visual verification on your camera and class participation through polls.
  • In some classes, we will randomly contact attendees via the chat feature to assure that we remain in compliance regarding participation and giving certificates of completion. Your microphones will be muted and managed by the host. Virginia REALTORS® reserves the right to drop someone from the class if they fail to participate or are not in compliance with the online standards mentioned above.

What are the recommended best practices when attending a virtual class?

  • Earphones are a plus, for clarity.
  • Keep your device plugged in so your battery does not die, and you don’t get knocked out of the class. If it does, you will be counted absent during the time you are not on camera. More than five minutes could result in your being locked out and not given credit. We do not want to “police” you, but we have been given strict guidelines.
  • We must be able to see you through your camera to certify that you are present. Please ensure that there is enough light in the room and that you are clearly visible.
  • Please be mindful of your on-camera appearance. We do not judge, but you are on camera!
  • When the class is over, be sure to select the option to “leave” the meeting.

What if I have questions before class?

I’ve never used Zoom before.  What do I do?