Course Material

AE Bootcamp | Cynthia Walsh


Course Description:

Are you new to this world and looking to learn more? Find out from Cynthia everything she wishes she knew when she started as AE PLUS some tips and tricks she has picked up along the way. You’ll learn from Cynthia as well as from your peers during honest conversations about real issues. 

**Note:  Please wear athletic attire to this session! This is for AEs and staff only. 

Speaker Bio:

Cynthia Walsh is the CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR). She began her career in Boston, MA working in technology and continuing for the next 11 years in both the banking and insurance industries. Cynthia has been with BCAR since 2005 and earned her Certified Association Executive and REALTOR® Association Certified Executive designation as well as various other certifications. She has been actively involved in the National Association of REALTORS® and the North Carolina REALTORS® serving on committees, mentoring, and lending a hand whenever asked.