Website Accessibility: When You Receive a Demand Letter

We are still hearing about REALTORS® receiving demand letters from law firms claiming that the REALTOR’S® website is inaccessible to those with visual and hearing impairments. In a new twist, however, some of these letters request that the REALTOR® call the law firm directly to discuss the problem. Your Virginia REALTORS® Legal Team is here to remind you that if you ever receive a demand letter from anyone alleging that your website is in violation of fair housing because it is inaccessible to someone with a disability, you should contact your attorney immediately. Never speak to a plaintiff’s attorney without your attorney present!

For more information on these kinds of letters and how to manage your risk, see this flyer from Pearl E&O Insurance.

The Virginia Department of Education has a website that contains Accessibility Tools and Resources, where you can get find applicable guidance documents and several testing and evaluation tools.

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