Tips for Making the Legal Hotline Work for YOU

Virginia RELATORS® is encouraging you to use our Legal Hotline to have your business-related COVID-19 questions answered. Submit your questions there and receive a response from a member of our Legal Team. You can see the basic guidelines for the Legal Hotline on the webpage, and below, you’ll find tips and advice to help make this resource work for you.

  1. Log In- You need to be logged into the website. Once you log in, the webform for the Legal Hotline will show up and your information from RAMCO will auto-populate.
  2. Check your phone number- Make sure the auto-populated number is the best one at which to reach you currently. RAMCO is only as current as the information that is shared with it.
  3. Share details- Provide as much information in the “question” box as possible. For example, if your question is about a transaction, tell us what forms you used (i.e., Virginia REALTORS®, CVRMLS, Lynchburg, NVAR, REIN, RVAR). Details allow the Legal Team to have the relevant form, law, regulation, or Article of the Code of Ethics information ready when they call you back. (Otherwise, we’ll have to get the details, go do research, and then call again.)
  4. Ask Away!- Feel free to send in ten different questions in one ticket if you’d like. You’ll receive ten different responses. If you’re an agent, not a broker, and send one question on one ticket and try to ask another question during the call, you’ll be diverted back to the hotline to submit a new ticket to ensure your broker is informed.
  5. You’ll See “Submit” If You’re Successful– The “Submit” button will NOT appear at the bottom of the page until AFTER you’ve filled in all of the webform boxes.
  6. (Most) Conference Calls are Fine- If you’d like to have your agent/broker (NOT a client) on the call with you as part of a discussion, that is fine. Please have that person available to be a part of that call during that four-hour window (during business hours) after the ticket is submitted.
  7. Make Reaching You Easier– If you see an 804 number that calls you during the response window, please answer because it might be Virginia REALTORS®! If the call is missed for one reason or another, please try to have available space in your voicemail box. If a Legal Team member is unable to reach you by phone and isn’t able to leave a message, you’ll receive an email from letting you know that a team member tried to reach you and is now asking you to call back. If a voicemail is left and the team doesn’t hear back from you within two days, a follow-up email from will be sent to see if you still need assistance. If you do not respond two days after that email, the ticket will be closed.
  8. Sorry, Verbal Answers Only!- While many members might want an answer in writing, the Virginia REALTORS® Legal Team is not able to put any answers in writing. If you and a Legal Team member discuss a specific provision of the law or regulations, an email with that language and a link to where to find it can be sent.
  9. Help Us Help You!- When a ticket is closed, an automatic email is sent with a link to a short survey. Please let us know what you think.