The important issue of healthcare is at the forefront of our association’s advocacy efforts. The Virginia REALTORS® Government Relations team is hard at work, striving to make Association Health Plans (AHPs) an available option for our REALTOR® members.

While there is debate at the Federal level about how to form an AHP, Virginia is in a unique position to enact a law at the state level to benefit REALTORS®. If Virginia allows AHPs to include working owners (e.g., sole proprietors), our association could pool our members to participate in a health plan that is regulated like a larger employer plan. This would benefit REALTORS® by providing more health insurance options at more affordable prices.

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® indicates that 28-33% of REALTORS® are uninsured in any given year. AHPs would provide our uninsured members much-needed health care coverage while providing more choice for all REALTORS®. This complicated issue will require a long, multi-year effort, and our Government Relations team is committed to seeing it through each phase.