On July 1, 2021, Virginia REALTORS® will release revised standard forms. Questions about the forms should be directed to the Virginia REALTORS® Legal Hotline.

The new and updated forms will be available in our Standard Forms library on July 1, but you can preview the changes to each form below by clicking the name of the form.

Removed Form

As of July 1, Form 280 (Agreement Regarding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act) will no longer be available in our library. This is a result of law changes making preemptive waivers of SCRA rights illegal in Virginia. Some important information from this document was moved into the lease.

New Forms

Updated Forms

  • Form 600 – Residential Contract
    • Edited Paragraph 19 to indicate whether the property is served by a septic system and, if so, whether the purchase wants an inspection of that system.
  • Form 200 – Residential Lease
    • Updated Paragraph 9 to reflect law change requiring 72-hour notice for nonemergency maintenance and to state that the tenant may request (in writing) that no nonemergency maintenance be performed
    • Updated Paragraph 18 to include information regarding military status that was formerly in the SCRA waiver and to provide acknowledgements from the tenant regarding separation date and current orders.
    • Edited Paragraph 21 to reflect the new law that says a right of redemption can be exercised as many times as the tenant wants if the landlord owns five or more properties in Virginia.
    • Edited Paragraph 26 to clarify that if a tenant breaches the lease, they could be liable for attorney fees for both the landlord and the property manager.
  • Form 250 – Tenant Change Amendment
    • Edited the name of the form from Roommate Addendum to Tenant Change Amendment
  • Form 670 – New Home Contract
    • Removed reference to a cover page in Paragraph 6 and added the choice of settlement agent language required by law
  • Form 1200 – Sale of Personal Property
    • Edited Paragraph 5 to state that if the underlying sales contract does not settle, the personal property sale is not valid
  • Form 800 – Referral Agreement
    • Added Brokerage TIN to the Referring Brokerage section
    • Added language to clarify when the agreement expires
    • Added language stating that the referral will be paid within 10 business days of when the Receiving Broker gets payment
  • Form SUM-1 – Summary of Rights and Obligations
    • Added new language from the General Assembly in Paragraph 1 regarding mold assessment