2019 Virginia REALTORS® Awards

The Virginia REALTORS® awards recognize outstanding leadership, accomplishments, and professionalism in the real estate industry.

Recipients are recognized annually during a special ceremony at the Virginia REALTORS® Annual Convention (see last year’s winners). Help us recognize the best in the business by nominating deserving colleagues. The full list of awards and qualifications is detailed below. Click here to see a list of all previous award recipients.

NOTE: The nomination period will close May 31, 2019.

Virginia REALTOR® of the Year

The Virginia REALTOR® of the Year Award is presented to professionals who have made proven contributions to the real estate industry through both personal and professional achievement and outstanding volunteerism.

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Virginia REALTOR® Hall of Fame

The Virginia REALTOR® Hall of Fame honors Virginia REALTORS® who have made extraordinary and distinguished contributions to the real estate profession and markets in Virginia over a period of at least 25 years.

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Code of Ethics Leadership Award

The Code of Ethics Leadership Award is presented to an individual REALTOR® member who exhibits leadership and knowledge of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, arbitration and/or professional standards, and who is known to share such information with other real estate professionals; has made presentations on Ethics before nominee’s own association, other associations, or before civic and community groups; and who has participated in local, state, or national association grievance, professional standards, arbitration, or ethics related activities; has taught courses in REALTOR® ethics, either fee paid or voluntary.

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VHDA Service to Virginia Award

The VHDA Service to Virginia Award is presented to a REALTOR® who has made a significant difference in the cause of minority home ownership during the year, or whose life work merits recognition and celebration for dedication to this issue.homeownership.

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George Rink Outstanding Educator of the Year

The George Rink Outstanding Real Estate Educator Award is presented to the Virginia REALTOR® educator who has made the most significant contributions to and exemplified leadership and service in real estate education at either the local or state level.

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Ann Swearingen Property Manager of the Year

The Ann Swearingen Property Manager of the Year Award is presented to the industry’s highest achieving association members engaged in the field of residential property management.

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Manager of the Year Award

The Virginia REALTORS® Manager of the Year Award is presented to a Virginia broker/manager recognizing individual achievement as a broker/manager.

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Omega Tau Rho Award

Created in 1950, the honorary fraternity of OMEGA TAU RHO is awarded by state and local Associations of REALTORS® to members and others that serve the REALTOR® organization. Once a medallion is awarded, the recipient is a member for life. This award recognizes exemplary dedication and service, and the high esteem in which recipients are held by fellow members of the REALTOR® organization.

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Virginia REALTORS® Honor Society

The Virginia REALTORS® Honor Society rewards and encourages participation in leadership and educational activities of the local, state and national REALTOR® organizations.

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