December 10, 2023 – Richmond, VA

Class members will join their VLA mentor in Richmond, VA for an in-person orientation session. There will be a meet and greet time, along with their first ice breaker and team building activity. They will go over class schedule, have lunch with the VAR Leadership Team, and prep for their year together in 2024.

Virtual Session 1 – Communication is Key to Leadership

January 31, 2024 – Zoom Meeting

Members will complete an assessment ahead of this virtual interactive session with a leading communication specialist.

Virtual Session 2 – Committee Involvement and Volunteer Etiquette

February 21, 2024 – Zoom Meeting

Members will participate in a discussion about committee involvement at VAR, respectful volunteer etiquette, and the basics of board meetings.

Virtual Session 3 – VLA Alumni Panel

March 14, 2024 – Zoom Meeting

A panel of VLA Alumni will join the VLA Class of 2024 to discuss their experience in the program.

In-Person Retreat 1

April 9 – 11, 2024 – Richmond, VA

The first in-person retreat will be hosted in Richmond, VA. Members will learn about the history of the Commonwealth and also the ins-and-outs of the state association. They will also receive a full day of spokesperson training with Ron Phipps.

Virtual Session 4 – Marketing & Stats 101

June 6, 2024 – Zoom Meeting

The VLA class will meet with VAR’s Chief Economist, Ryan Price, and his team for a special session about the basics of marketing statistics and best practices for using the real time data provided monthly.

In-Person Retreat 2

July 16 – 18, 2024 – Fredericksburg, VA

The last retreat will be held in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. Members will be welcomed by a motivational speaker before being sent out to enjoy a team building activity for the afternoon. They will journey to Washington, D.C., to meet NAR staff and learn firsthand about the issues being tackled by the National Association on their behalf. To wrap up the last retreat, they’ll be challenged to take the next step by a leadership specialist.


September 18, 2024 – Richmond, VA

The VLA Class will meet one more time for a debriefing meeting prior to their graduation. Their graduation ceremony will take place at the VAR Annual Convention Banquet and Gala. They will be recognized as alumni in front of their peers and the association at large.

Personal Takeaways from VLA Alumni