Santiago Montalvo

Staff Counsel


Santiago brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Virginia REALTORS®. He served in the U.S. Army, and prior to completing law school at American University, Santiago gained experience through a variety of roles and industries. He has worked as a microscopy engineering technician, served in the financial sector, and practiced law as a solo practitioner. As Staff Counsel, Santiago contributes to the Caveat REALTOR®podcast, creates legal resources for members, and serves on the Standard Forms Committee.

In his free time, Santiago enjoys maintaining and optimizing his motorcycles; working on anything that has a motor, wires, or antenna; and enjoying his recent achievement of becoming a HAM radio operator.

Favorite Quote:

“Courage isn’t just a tap you can turn on and off whenever you want it to. Courage isn’t permanent. Courage is a tedious and fickle thing. Courage and cowardice exist in every man.” -Jack Kelso