Adam Smith

Creative Director


As Creative Director, Adam Smith (not to be confused with the OTHER Adam Smith on staff who is the Senior Vice President of Member Programs!) puts his extensive background in all things marketing, creative, and web development to good use. He is a driving force behind making all of the messaging put out by Virginia REALTORS® as impactful, beautiful, and poignant as possible for the members. When he isn’t toiling away on graphics and web design in the office, he loves anything Game of Thrones related. From his reading selections, to his television time, and even to his vacations to Spain or Ireland, Game of Thrones can be found quite often. Adam also loves traveling to Europe with his wife in search of amazing dining experiences. Current favorite food destination: San Sebastian, Spain.

Favorite Quote:

“Choosing a favorite quote always feels a little awkward and pretentious to me. I mean, who’s running around quoting famous smart people? Not me. I’d rather just talk like a normal person.” – Adam Smith, Creative Director for Virginia REALTORS®