Welcome to your go-to source for information about the SkySlope Forms transition. On January 1, 2022, NAR stopped offering free membership to zipForm® as a member benefit. In response, Virginia REALTORS® now offers free membership to SkySlope Forms and SkySlope DigiSign as member benefits to all dues-paying members of our association. Keep your eyes on this page for frequent updates and review our custom-created FAQ section at the bottom for additional details.

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To log in to SkySlope Forms and/or create an account, visit skyslope.com/forms-login/ and use your NAR credentials.
SkySlope Contact & Technical Support

Contact SkySlope’s 24/7 support team: support@skyslope.com | 1-800-507-4117

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Who do I contact to upgrade my new account?

For more information about SkySlope, please email salesteam@skyslope.com and a team member will walk you through everything SkySlope has to offer and answer any questions you might have.


Will this new benefit impact the Virginia REALTORS® Standard Forms Library and the vendors you currently provide?

All of the forms Virginia REALTORS® provides will still be available, along with all of the vendors we provide (e.g., DocuSign, Dotloop, Instanet, zipForm®). In short, everywhere that our forms currently reside, they will continue to be available. If you use a platform that does not currently have Virginia REALTORS® forms, let us know at forms@virginiarealtors.org and we will explore a licensing agreement with them.

Will I have to pay for a membership to SkySlope forms? I heard something about a discount.

SkySlope Forms will be offered free of charge to all Virginia REALTORS®. Should your brokerage choose to upgrade to SkySlope Digital Transaction Management, they will receive a 20% discount under our membership.

Is there anything specific brokers need to know?

As a broker, we wanted to provide you with more details regarding your option to upgrade your office’s membership with SkySlope Forms and DigiSign. While VAR is offering the base-level membership free of charge, a brokerage can choose to upgrade to SkySlope DTM (Digital Transaction Management) for 20% off. All three of the products seamlessly integrate with each other and become an “all in one” solution when used. For more information, please take a look at: SkySlope—Breakdown of Membership Upgrades .

Should you wish to upgrade, please email salesteam@skyslope.com, and a SkySlope team member will walk you through the upgrading process.

I grew comfortable using zipForm®. How will I learn how to navigate SkySlope so that my transactions aren’t impacted?

Please feel free to utilize all of the resources available to you here SkySlope Forms resource page to navigate their great benefit. If you still have questions, please email support@skyslope.com and a team member will walk you through everything SkySlope has to offer and answer any questions you might have.

I don’t want to switch my membership from zipForm®. Do I have to use SkySlope starting in January?

If using zipForm® is your preference, you will be able to continue utilizing that platform. However, please be aware that your membership costs will no longer be covered as a benefit from NAR, so you would now be responsible for those.

What will happen if I’m in the middle of a transaction on zipForm® that won’t be completed until after January 1st?

Don’t worry! You have a couple of options for this scenario. One is to simply pay for a short (maybe a 1 to 2 month) stop-gap subscription to zipForm® to give you time to complete it. OR, you also have the option of downloading all of the transaction forms to your computer from zipForm®, uploading them to SkySlope Forms, and then finishing the transaction there.

Will SkySlope ever contact me directly?

A: Yes, if you register for a training webinar or other event with SkySlope, they will contact you directly about your registration, replays, etc. To help ensure these messages don’t end up in your spam folder, we recommend adding SkySlope as one of your contacts once their first message arrives.

Are all MLSs connected to SkySlope Forms?

This is something Virginia REALTORS® is currently working to accomplish. Many MLSs ARE currently connected, but this depends on whether or not an MLS has signed a contract with SkySlope. If your local MLS chooses to, this service will be available. If your data feed is not showing up in SkySlope, we recommend contacting your local MLS.

I have questions about Virginia REALTORS® forms. Who should I reach out to?

Questions? No problem! Please email forms@virginiarealtors.org for an answer from one of our legal team members.

I have questions specifically related to SkySlope Forms. Who should I reach out to?

For more information about SkySlope, please email support@skyslope.com and a team member will walk you through everything SkySlope has to offer and answer any questions you might have.