The Hotline may only be used subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement.

  1. The questions asked on the Hotline and the answers given to those questions will not be kept confidential and may be posted on a website that is available for viewing by all Virginia REALTOR® members and potentially others, however, no identifying information will be posted or released. User agrees not to submit any confidential or sensitive information to the Hotline in asking a question.
  2. In submitting a question, User agrees not to identify the names of any parties or REALTORS® involved in the question.
  3. No attorney client relationship will at any time be established between the User and either the Hotline or any attorney answering questions on the Hotline. The answers to questions asked are not intended as specific legal advice. The role of the Hotline is limited to answering general questions relating to real estate law, real estate regulations and REALTOR® issues, the answers to which might be educational to REALTORS®. If the User has a substantive problem regarding a specific real estate transaction or if User is involved in threatened, pending or actual litigation, User should consult User’s private attorney. For all specific legal advice, User should consult with User’s own private attorney.
  4. The answers to all questions of a legal nature are always fact specific and can vary dramatically depending on how the question is asked and what facts are provided to the Hotline. If User presents incomplete or inaccurate information to the Hotline, User may get the answer to a question User is looking for but not necessarily the correct answer. If User has a question with slightly different facts than a question which has already been answered on the Hotline, User should not assume that the answer to User’s question will be the same as the answer already posted on the Hotline Q&A. Small changes in facts can completely change the answer to a question.
  5. The purpose of the Hotline is not to draft or review contracts or special forms, write opinion letters or negotiate with other REALTORS® or parties with whom User may have a disagreement. Questions should be relatively short and capable of being answered without extensive research. The Hotline reserves the right to only answer questions submitted prior to the call, and not additional, unrelated questions posed over the phone. The Hotline reserves the right not to answer questions that do not meet these requirements.
  6. The answers to the questions asked on the Hotline are not intended to and shall not be relied upon by any party who has not agreed to this User Agreement.
  7. The Hotline seeks to provide accurate answers to questions submitted to the Hotline. No assurances are given that answers to questions that were correct at the time they were posted on the Hotline Q&A website will remain accurate and correct over time since statutory, administrative and case law changes over time.
  8. Mistakes may occasionally be made in answering questions. When such mistakes are brought to the Hotline’s attention, or are otherwise discovered, the Hotline will promptly update the Hotline Q&A page with the correct information. The Virginia REALTORS®, the Hotline, the attorneys answering questions for the Hotline (hereinafter collectively “Hotline Workers”) shall have no liability for any mistakes or inaccurate information contained in any answer to a question asked of the Hotline or posted on the Hotline Q&A website. User covenants not to sue the Hotline Workers, either individually or collectively, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Hotline Workers and each of them from and against any and all lawsuits, claims, damages and causes of action which the User may have arising out of or relating to inaccurate or incomplete information being given to a question asked through the Hotline or posted on the Hotline Q&A website.
  9. User represents that User does not have an attorney for the subject matter of User’s questions. Furthermore, User understands: (a) that the Hotline attorney is not their personal attorney; (b) that nothing User tells the Hotline attorney is confidential; (c) that the Hotline attorney may assist another User or Users in the same or similar transaction; (d) that the Hotline attorney cannot give the User legal advice; and, (e) that some issues cannot be addressed without the assistance of a private attorney: therefore, the User may be referred to a private attorney.
  10. In regards to questions pertaining to standard forms, the Hotline reserves the right to only assist with questions regarding Virginia REALTORS®‘s standard forms package. Hotline attorneys are not familiar with non-Virginia REALTORS® forms and the reasoning behind certain provisions.
  11. User understands that their Broker’s policies may be more restrictive than the general response provided by a Hotline Attorney, and may also be directly responsive to the User’s question. The Hotline Attorneys are not familiar with the specific practices of Brokers.